Bradley (downgrade) wrote,


milwaukee loves to get drunk. i guess basically every city in the world is the same in that respect. take notice of the hilarity that it brings, ride your bike around at bar time and watch the fun unravel.

1:30am - fucking ghost town. maybe a few stragglers, mostly those who couldn't hack staying until bar time and got unmanageably wasted before the whistle blew. a few definite gems in this bunch.

- the girl who was crying and puking in someone's bushes while two friends hold a handful of her hair back and try to calm the dizzy nerves.

- designated drivers over it and waiting outside

- one or two wobbly people moving very slowly towards nowhere

- hot dog vendors preparing up for the rush, bouncers gearing up for crowd control

1:55am - fucking pandemonium. literally a thousand people on the street being loud as hell, lingering as long as possible, and crowning off a good night.

- guys sitting down talking on their cellphones arguing their way out of whatever they did wrong that night, probably being seen dancing with the wrong girl, or drunk dials that will be realized as a terrible idea come morning

- 6 jocks dancing together, poorly, to no music. girls standing a healthy distance away from it

- random dude who is off trying to climb a streetlamp or sign or building, making it look like a much more complicated thing than any 4th grader at recess knows it needs to be

- girls crying and screaming at guys who didn't pay enough attention to them that night, guys mostly just standing with their arms in "oh come on" motion. you know the one.

- guys trying to slurringly smooth-talk the ladies into continuing the party in their bedroom, the girls trying to keep it together long enough to be conscious for that

- smooth guy and smooth girl who are being coy and close, ignoring everything around them, fully aware of where this is going, and loving it

- awesome ragers determined on keeping the party going at all costs, bar or no bar, street or no street

- guys without shirts

- dudes who want to punch anything that catches their eye

- fast jeeps blaring music made by white people

- the 4 champions who seriously had a couch, complete with lamp and end table, rigged with a motor and wheels, driving down the sidewalk, basking in the glow of everyone being forced to acknowledge how totally fucking awesome a mobile couch is

oh i wish i had pictures. seriously an amazing spectacle when you're just kind of watching and not involved.
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