Bradley (downgrade) wrote,

always a journey

milwaukee got weird. i guess i'd been out of the loop for 6 months and things evolved in that time more than i expected. it's definitely not how i left it. friendships are skewed, some people don't live here anymore, and most of those who do are occupied elsewhere or uninterested. maybe i've just been gone too long and people are used to that, so i'm just not a part of what's going on. either way, i think it's time to go. today i got a storage space, and i'm just going to put everything in it. i have 4 more days left in Milwaukee, and that time will be mostly spent putting everything into storage. i fly out january 6th and will be gone for at least 4 months... and after that i'll just bounce around wherever it's necessary between Miami, NY, and Chicago. where i lay my head is home.

can't wait to get back to warm weather and shows and seeing people that i miss. and playing poland with black metal bands.
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