Bradley (downgrade) wrote,

it's late.

hello 4:30.
wedding crashers was funny. this isn't news to anyone in the world except for me.
i got a new bike. i'm surprised i broke down and spent a grip of cash on a bike but now i can ride fast and race people. and break my skull open.
the girlfriend went to bed 5 hours ago, and wakes up in four minutes. i decided a while ago to just wait it out so she's happy and/or frustrated when she wakes up and i'm not asleep yet.
revolutions in design work tonight. oh baby. it's going to be sweet. ps if you owe me money for designs still, pay me you fuckerssssss.
new mogwai cd kicks fucking ass.
i haven't been that social lately. maybe it's the season, it seems everyone is being kind of a shut-in more than usual. i promise i'll hang out more soon, and i promise that most of you reading this don't really care anyway.
i can be a good listener.
goodnight kids.
speaking of kids, could you imagine if i had kids? that would suck. i'd have to grow up and as we all know i'm not very adept at that since i still peek at my christmas presents and eat until i throw up if the food is good enough.
oh yeah that's a good exit.
i'll keep that.
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