Bradley (downgrade) wrote,

no words are worthwhile.

every time i watch a steve martin movie i just think of my dad the whole time.

i like steve martin.

i've been doing a lot of design lately and working at my actual job very little. i leave for tour again in a week. i still don't know what i want to do with my life other than things that will certainly not last forever.

kayleigh and i worked it out because that's what people do. i guess the difference is that it appears to be working. people are allowed small freakouts about their future in which they more or less hold out their arms, spin in a circle, and destroy everything around them. now on to the reparations. they're going well.

i'm excited for 4th of July in AZ with Team Big Fun.
I'm excited for a $2000 head I ordered but don't get for 4 months. Eh.
I'm excited for design work.
I'm excited to see friends that I miss.
I'm excited to make new friends.
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