Bradley (downgrade) wrote,

random thoughts

I don't have an iPod video, but I'm sure they're revolutionizing the possible venues for masturbation.

When you wake up to a woman's voice whispering the word "today," but there is no woman in your room, only in your head, that makes you kind of nervous the entire day. You're glad when midnight comes and goes. You also think that whispering can be very creepy.

When you have those moments where you think "I want to buy something, but I can't think of anything I want," there's a beauty in that. Then you think "Fuck that, I want burritos."

I have little to no interest in shoes with laces. Tying shoes is for 3rd graders. Just like cursive handwriting and geometry. Both of which I've pretty much learned and subsequently eliminated from my life. Swear to god, ask me to write anything in cursive other than my first and last name, and you're gonna be waiting around for a while.

Coffee tastes like shit.

I can't believe I didn't fully appreciate Black Sabbath until i was like 20. What a dick.
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