Bradley (downgrade) wrote,

oh remember these things

i haven't written here in a really long time, and i'm not exactly sure why i am now.

what's new... i'm gone a lot. everyone who wants to hang out with me should tell me and then i'll reply with when i will be your city. because it's inevitable i'll be in your city. i leave again in 6 days... and in the next 5 months, i have 11 days at home. it will be great.

it's noon and i just woke up.

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you owe me.
oh and what do i owe you?
You'll be here soon, I know that already - but of course it's on a night I work, AGAIN!
boo skip work, hang out, watch the tour get arrested. it's a great time, i promise.
dearest bradley,

you totes avoid me on purpose! when i am in la, we are like, on opposite sides of the 101. when i'm in sf, you are in nyc. ugh!

your homie,
absurd and we will fix it. let me know your whereabouts at all times. tap me into your GPS. ready go.
coming to upstate new york anytime soon?
-davey jones
oh man i was totally at Toad's place where i met you like a month ago. it was great and someone put sunglasses on my face while we played.
yessssssss must make it happen

june ill be in orange.

july ill be in burbank during the weeks and orange on the weekends.

august ill be in san fran. for a while.

you're a real mover and a shaker. i hope more in and out runs are in that schedule somewhere. if nothing else, hopefully august 25th in LA? or bakersfield june 29th but i think that's kind of a drive.
being home is over-rated. (i'll go see your band if you come to lawrence, ks)
we were there like a month ago, and will be in kansas city on august 15th